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Seller Showing Guide

Seller Showing Guide

Homebuyers are going to be much more critical of your home than they are of their own. Most people don’t dust their house from top to bottom weekly, but they will notice if yours isn’t. When your home is on the market, it needs to stay in show condition, similar to what you would find in a new model home.

Open up the floor space by removing excess furniture, de-personalizing, and de-cluttering. This step will invite prospective home buyers to imagine themselves in your home. You want them to feel welcomed and relaxed. They’ll start imagining where they might put their things and become emotionally attached.

We also want to accept all showing requests and be ready when potential buyers come through the door. The tone of your whole transaction starts at the showing. Let’s put our best foot forward.

1) Open curtains and blinds.

Don’t just open blinds, open them and pull them up! Let as much light in as possible!

2) Turn on lights.

Turn on every single light in the house! Overhead, lamps, stove … every light!

3) Make your beds.

I’ve given up this battle, as a morning routine. If you can swing it, by all means, do! If not, make it a part of your 30 minute home showing routine.

4) Spot vacuum.

You’ve already cleaned once this week. There’s no need to thoroughly clean, for each showing. That will drive you bananas! Vacuum the common areas, if they need it.

5) Do the dishes.

You’re being extra good about staying on top of the dishes but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a few, in the sink, when you get that call. Throw them in the dishwasher or switch them out.

6) Pick up clutter.

Do a quick run through, of your home, and pick up anything that doesn’t belong. Mail, shoes, backpacks, and even that pesky back scratcher. Put them in their rightful home!

7) Wipe down sinks and counters.

Give the kitchen and bathroom sinks and counters a quick once over. Check the mirrors and straighten the towels. Some may even reserve special towels, just for showings. I’m just too lazy for that!

8) Close toilet lids.

Put those toilet lids down! It just looks better. Plus, you’ll know if someone has been trying out your toilet!

9) Neutralize all odors.

Place open baking soda boxes in hidden areas to keep air smelling fresh

10) Turn on your thermostat.

Make sure the temperature is comfortable for all buyers. You don’t want them to leave quickly because they are too hot or cold.

11) Lock up valuables and prescriptions.

Don’t leave anything to chance. It’s unnerving enough to give agents and buyers, you’ve never met in your life, free reign of your home. Lock up jewelry, guns, prescriptions, electronics, and anything else of value.

12) Leave!

Make potential buyers feel comfortable in your home by getting out of their way. It’s best to leave your home while showings occur. All clients will be accompanied by their real estate agent who will gain access by the key in the lockbox.

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