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New Trends in Home Staging

If you are selling your home and plan to stage it for an open house, it is necessary to understand the current trends – what do buyers want and need to see?

Keep reading to find out!

Focus on Neutral Colors

When deciding on the color scheme for your staged home, try to focus on neutral colors. While you may love a variety of colors, not everyone has the same taste, and your goal is to create a universally appealing space.

Try to stick to cool grays or warm ivory, with darker colors used sparingly! The furniture and artwork can include more colors, but the walls and primary fixtures should have neutral tones.

Let Open Space Shine

When it comes to floor plans and décor, less is more! Allow your open space to shine, as buyers are looking for layouts that invite conversation and encourage socialization. Open spaces are a popular trend for home staging in 2020!

Keep this in mind when configuring your furniture, as buyers want to see comfortable seating and lounge areas where they can imagine themselves gathering with friends and family!

The goal is to help them picture what their lives can look like in the home – make the kitchen feel spacious, and the other areas feel as inviting as possible.

Accent Décor

After you have laid out the floor plan and the larger pieces of furniture, you must decide on accent décor. This is where one-of-a-kind pieces will help your home stand out and allow you to create a modern look.

As with the color choices, remember that you are appealing to a wide audience, so you do not want to select anything too controversial. If you are interested in adding pops of color, consider using candles, elegant wall art, or patterned throw pillows that will help tie everything together!

Another trend you can incorporate is mixing and matching furniture. Feel free to be creative with different types of lamps or chair settings for your tables. This will help your home feel modern and trendy – and will be sure to impress potential buyers!


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