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Covid 19: Keeping (Mentally) Healthy

This virus can easily sneak up on all of us. It can be mind numbing thinking of needing essential items, yet not being part of the problem with the spread.  We are all confused on what is the right thing.  We all need basics to survive. That means for many, a trip to the grocery store is essential.  I, myself, do not have any options for food delivery out in Sweetwater, NJ. Even if delivery or pickup is an option, the germs can live on the surfaces of our products.  It’s best to assume everyone and everything you come in contact with may have the virus to keep yourself healthy.  Anyone could be carrying the virus for 2 weeks without showing any symptoms.  It can easily be seen why the restrictions are in place and why we should be following them. With this in mind, wash your hands, wash your products, try not to touch everything in the grocery store. The simple answer is to be mindful, be mindful of yourself and be mindful of others.

Your mental health is just as important!  Some of us live alone, some of us have been forced to shut the doors on our small businesses, some of us can’t easily get all the supplies we need, some of us are in the “at risk” category.   The list goes on and on of what to panic over.  Instead, start to do things for yourself and for humanity. Pick up the phone and call your loved ones or a friend you haven’t spoken with in a while.  Check in with the people you know are at risk to see if they need supplies.  Now is the time to be kind to each other.  We feel like we have little control on our lives right now, but we are still in control of ourselves. We all have lots of free time on our hands.  All of our homes have probably been cleaned at least 3 times already. Once cleaning out the closets is done, everything on Netflix has been watched, it’s time to try a new hobby.  Try gardening, knitting, read a book, create a scrapbook, learn how to cook, use your imagination. It’s easy to fall into the trap of no hope, but instead, realize that we now have plenty of time on our hands to focus on us. We are so lucky to have the internet right at our fingertips.  There are thousands and thousands of online tutorials. If you have kids, spend time with them.  You never hear anyone say they didn’t wish they had more time with loved ones.  Count your blessings and clear your mind. We will prevail.

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