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Calling Downtown Hammonton “Home”

Hi Blog!

As this is my first time writing, I’m very excited to bring with me the story of my latest transaction in Downtown Hammonton.

From the moment we walked in to 219 Pratt, my clients and I both knew this was the house for them. The energy felt homey; the vibes were positive. You could tell the home had been well-cared for, and like many homes in Hammonton, in the family for multiple generations. After having a home for that many years, it can take on a personality of its own — become its own person, if you will. You hate to part ways with your “loved one”, but there comes a time where the torch must be passed.

My clients were the people to accept the torch, however there was one problem; an offer had already been accepted and a contract sent out! However, our timing wasn’t all bad. The contract was still in attorney review, so we knew if we put our best foot forward, we had a chance of beating the original buyer.

And it worked! Our offer was accepted and the original buyer was released. The house was now on its way to my clients’ ownership. After that, everything continued to fall in place — a very smooth transaction.

Closing Day came, and you could feel the excitement in the air! During our final walkthrough prior to closing, it was clear that the house was ready to welcome my clients; and they, too, were ready to call 219 Pratt St “home”. I’m elated to have helped my clients purchase their very first home together, and I wish them nothing but happiness in their humble abode and all that Downtown Hammonton has to offer.

Best wishes, Ashley & Anthony!

You can read their review here.


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